Teach The Controversy
Even Galileo Recanted
The Earth is at the
center of the universe

A Reward and Prize for anyone that proves the Sun is the center of the solar system

There has long been a scientific controversy about the theory of Heliocentrism. On April 30th 1633 even Galileo reconsidered this foolish notion.

I know that all evidence that the earth revolves around the sun can be explained away by invoking an omnipotent God who is fooling us, much as he does by planting fossils (to make it seem that all life was not created in seven days), changing the rate of carbon decay (to make the world look more than a few thousand years old), making seemingly random mutations in DNA and planting millions of other pieces of biological evidence (that support the theory of evolution). Hence, at the suggestion of Kaan K. I am offering a reward of unspecified magnitude to anyone that can prove to me that the earth is not at the center of the universe. I'll even throw in a trophy.

Now I know some of you will wonder how I will judge this, so let me explain in advance that I am a person of faith. Faith is the belief in something, even in the absence of evidence for and even in the presence of evidence against. I have faith in an earth centered universe - shake it if you can.

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