Teach The Controversy
Even Galileo Recanted
The Earth is at the
center of the universe

About Teach the controversy

We are a group of concerned free thinkers, who want to see that all scientific controversies are taught in our public schools. Filling our children's minds with scientific ways of looking at the world by omitting theories that COULD be true is a waste of their potential.

The importance of Faith

Faith is when you believe in something so strongly that despite even evidence that it is wrong you will continue to believe. If confronted with "facts" that seem to make our theories improbable, remember that you can always fall back on your faith. Also, remember that no scientific theory can ever be proven, it can just be shown to be a more probable explanation than another theory. When talking to school board members, remember to emphasize that your faith in this theory is not necessarily because you believe as the church has for hundreds of years that God has a special plan for man and made the Universe to fulfill that plan.

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